A Closer Look at the miRNA Universal SYBR qPCR Master Mix

MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are small non-coding RNA molecules that play critical roles in gene regulation, making them important targets for research in various fields, including molecular biology and medicine. To accurately quantify miRNA expression levels, scientists rely on robust and efficient techniques such as quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR). The miRNA Universal SYBR qPCR Master Mix is a powerful tool specifically designed to simplify and enhance miRNA analysis. In this article, we explore the features, benefits, and applications of this versatile master mix.

Understanding the miRNA Universal SYBR qPCR Master Mix: The miRNA Universal SYBR qPCR Master Mix is a specialized reagent formulated for the detection and quantification of miRNA expression levels using qPCR. It combines the benefits of SYBR Green chemistry with optimized components tailored for miRNA analysis. SYBR Green is a fluorescent dye that binds to double-stranded DNA, emitting a signal that can be detected during qPCR amplification cycles. By utilizing this universal dye, the miRNA Universal SYBR qPCR Master Mix provides a cost-effective and flexible solution for miRNA research.

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Benefits & Features

Sensitivity: The miRNA Universal SYBR qPCR Master Mix offers exceptional sensitivity, enabling reliable detection and quantification of miRNA expression, even in low-abundance samples. This sensitivity is crucial for studying miRNAs with limited expression levels.

Specificity: The master mix provides high specificity, ensuring accurate quantification of target miRNAs. Specific primers designed for miRNAs of interest, along with optimized reaction conditions, contribute to minimizing non-specific amplification and false-positive results.

Versatility: The universal nature of SYBR Green-based detection allows researchers to study a wide range of miRNAs without the need for specific probes for each individual miRNA. This versatility simplifies experimental design and reduces costs associated with custom probe synthesis.

Reproducibility: The miRNA Universal SYBR qPCR Master Mix is optimized to deliver consistent and reproducible results. Its robust formulation minimizes variations between reactions, facilitating reliable comparison of miRNA expression levels across different samples.

Ease of Use: The master mix is designed for user convenience, with a simple protocol that can be easily integrated into laboratory workflows. It eliminates the need for time-consuming probe design and optimization, streamlining experimental procedures.


The miRNA Universal SYBR qPCR Master Mix finds applications in various miRNA research areas, including:

Biomarker Discovery: By accurately quantifying miRNA expression levels in different biological samples, researchers can identify miRNA signatures associated with specific diseases or conditions. These signatures can serve as potential diagnostic or prognostic biomarkers.

Functional Studies: Investigating the roles of miRNAs in cellular processes and disease mechanisms requires reliable quantification. The miRNA Universal SYBR qPCR Master Mix enables researchers to validate the functional impact of miRNAs by analyzing their expression profiles in different experimental conditions or cell types.

Drug Development: Understanding miRNA expression changes in response to drug treatment provides insights into drug efficacy and potential targets. The miRNA Universal SYBR qPCR Master Mix facilitates the study of miRNA expression alterations induced by therapeutic interventions.


The miRNA Universal SYBR qPCR Master Mix is a valuable tool in miRNA research, offering sensitivity, specificity, versatility, and ease of use. By enabling accurate quantification of miRNA expression levels, this master mix empowers scientists to unravel the complex regulatory roles of miRNAs in various biological processes. With its applications ranging from biomarker discovery to drug development, the miRNA Universal SYBR qPCR Master Mix opens doors to advancements in understanding miRNA biology and its implications in human health and disease.